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    travel insurance -- worth it?

    I'd say yes. 11 day Caribbean cruise in February. My wife got sick and was treated on-board for the remainder of the cruise. Excellent sick bay equipped as an ER. One hour IVs in the morning and the evening. The $10,500 bill was covered by travel health insurance. And we got the best deal at...
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    Vietnam - highlights in your travel journey

    Was in Halong Bay about 6 days ago. I would have done anything to go to BTL and NOT Halong Bay. It is the same body of water, you will go out of the same wharf, but will hopefully miss some of the pollution in Halong Bay, people and plastic!
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    choosing accommodation for your trip

    I guess some may believe places in Ukraine as a post soviet country may be lacking in terms of services. But in fact Ukraine will surprise you and in a good way. Sure you can some across some trashy places, but you can find those in any country. Actually recently I just returned from my trip to...
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    touring Barcelona

    That's the problem with most places overrun by tourists. The tour boats are terrible. They drop 10,000 clueless visitors who all want to eat in the same restaurants. The city overwhelmed. Don't take tour boats. The best way to explore Barcelona is to take vespa rental Barcelona. Don't you think so?